Very popular as a Christmas joint nowadays, whether you call it a Bone-in-Forerib, a Rib of Beef, or just the daddy of all beef joints, you are in for a treat.


If you want to know how to cook rib of beef, you need to appreciate that for many chefs, a bone-in rib of beef is the rolls-royce cut, and is their default choice for a roasting joint. On the bone, the ribs serve as insulation from the harsh heat of the oven and provide anchorage for the meat that prevents shrinkage. Cooked from room temperature, in a hot oven, the outside will char beautifully with a decent layer of golden fat, and the inside will cook to perfection with a little rare meat for those who like it, and the entire joint will flood with deep savoury flavour from the internal fat. No other joint has all of these qualities which point to the perfect roast. Here’s how to cook a beef rib roast.


Avaliable in 2 sizes:
Large - Between approx. 1kg 1 rib

Extra Large - Between 2.5 to 3kg 2 ribs

Beef Rib

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